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House Committee Looks To Hear From Veterans About Toxic Exposure

House Committee Looks to Hear From Veterans About Toxic Exposure

The House Veterans Affairs Committee Chairman Rep. Mark Takano, D-Calif., has published an online survey, asking Active Duty and Retired Veterans to detail any effects they may have experienced regarding toxic exposure while serving in the military. The survey is part of Takano’s, “The True Cost of our Promise to Toxic Exposed Veterans”, a virtual roundtable that will give committee members an opportunity to talk with Veteran groups and to discuss Congress’ efforts to support those affected.

According to the survey, the Committee is looking for information from the following questions:

  • The extent of the exposure
  • Health conditions related to environmental pollutants
  • Experience accessing VA benefits related to exposure
  • What lawmakers can do to help Veterans

“Your responses will help the Committee better understand Veterans’ experiences with toxic exposure and how Congress can help ensure these veterans receive the benefits they have earned and deserve,” Rep. Takano said.

Veterans who want to participate in the survey can visit:

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